Bring in more business with these exciting and fun to play mini-golf obstacles making your mini golf course fun and exciting. Choose from a wide variety of light up and fun miniature golf additions to keep your putters playing golf for hours. We feel the most important feature of the miniature golf course is the obstacle at Lomma Miniature Golf we offer the biggest brightest and most attractive obstacles. Our challenging obstacles are equipped with flashing and moving parts. Below is just a small sample of obstacles we have. For a full list of available obstacles, please contact us.

Read about our obstacles on the New York Times website.

Deluxe Windmill Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Deluxe Windmill

8' high / 30" wide
Revolving blade
Time shot thru base

A-Frame - Bright Color - Great Black Light Miniature Golf Course Obstacle

4' high / 32" wide
Flasher light
Time Shot, Electrical

Church (Back) - Great Feature - Traditional Miniature Golf Course Obstacle

7" high / 47" wide
Electric lights

Lighthouse - Very visible on Black Light Minigolf Course

8' high / 32" base,
flashing dome, putt
thru base, electrical

Castle - Must Have Miniature Golf Course Obstacle

Time shot wide ramp,
revolving door,

Pinball - Fun  Putt Putt Golf Course Obstacle

38" high / 8-1/2'
use with side green,
good looking!

General Store -  PuttPutt Golf Course Obstacle
General Store

34' high / 33" wide,
traditional shot

Bowling Pins - Great for Black Light Course -Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Bowling Pins

Revolving pins,
time shot, electrical

Cash Register - Interacts with Customers -  Minigolf Obstacle
Cash Register

36" high / 32" wide,
flashing light, ring bell,
penalty stroke, electrical

Traffic Light - very popular Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Traffic Light

Flashing Lights look
original, Colorful
revolving hazard for
timed shot, Electric

Washington Monument Putt Putt Golf Course Obstacle
Washington Monument

9' high / 36" wide eye catcher! This is a putt thru the base, can go on any hole

Wagon Wheel  Great for Black Light  Miniature Gold Course Design
Wagon Wheel

25" high / 23" wide,
putt thru base

Painted Metal Bridge - Traditional Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Metal Bridge

All heavy gauge steel
Will fit any fairway

Loop the Loop Traditional Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Loop the Loop

Traditional Mini Golf
Heavy Gauge Steel

Buckboard Minigolf Obstacle

Fits on any hole, good
looking! Putt thru the
middle or either side

Saloon Miniature Golf Course Obstacle

38" high / 36" wide
Putt thru

Pink Loop the Loop for Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Loop

Pink Loop the Loop
Heavy Gauge Steel

White Railroad Crossing Mini Golf Obstacle
Railroad Crossing

5'6" thigh / 32" wide, Blinking lights, revolving door, time shot, electrical

Red Ant Hill - Mini Golf Course Obstacle
Ant Hill
Icecream Cone - Miniature Golf Obstacle Option
Icecream Cone
Last Shot Mini Golf Obstacle
Last Shot

Balls lock inside the obstacle and are counted.

Locomotive Miniature Golf Obstacle Option
Barn Mini Golf Obstacle

50" high / 54" long Flashing Lights, Time Shot Thru Revolving Door, Electrical

Deluxe Wishing Well Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Deluxe Wishing Well

7" high / 37" long
Flashing Lights
Putt thru middle of base

Jail House Traditional Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Jail House

Second Story
Putt thru hole under
front door, Bars

Birdhouse - Lighted Minigolf Obstacle

5' high / 35" wide
Flashing lights
Putt thru, Electrical

Little Red Schoolhouse - Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Little Red Schoolhouse

5' high / 35" wide
Flashing Lights
Putt thru, Electrical

Horeseshoe planter mini golf obstacle

30" high / 32" wide
wide, revolving horseshoe time shot, shipping with flowers, electrical

Aces - Good Obstacle for Black Light Miniature Golf Course

Putt thru the base,
a super card shot!

Deluxe Fireplace - Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Deluxe Fireplace

Revolving logs
time shot, electrical

Street Corner USA - Traditional Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Street Corner USA

Typical Americana
7'6" tall, electric

Gazebo - PuttPutt Golf Course Obstacle

Original looking. A real
showpiece, electrical
light flashes, 7'5" tall

Tunnel Planter - Miniature Golf Course Obstacle
Tunnel Planter

Putt thru 1 of the 3
tunnels, beautiful
flowers set in planter

Sunburst Miniature Golf Course Obstacle Great for Black Light Course

2' high / 52" long, revolving flap, time shot, shipped with flowers, electrical, eye-catcher!

Hotel Minigolf Obstacle

Flashing lights fits on any fairway, putt thru hole in base

Swan - Great for Black Light Miniature Golf Course

4' high / 36" wide
electrical flashing light
another eye catcher!

Railroad Station - Flashing Lights - Putt Putt Golf Course Obstacle
Railroad Station

50" high / 34" wide
putt thru base,
flashing lights

Fire Engine Miniature Golf Obstacle
Fire Engine

42" high / 7' long
flasher light, revolving crank time shot

Armored Truck Mini Golf Obstacle for any green
Armored Truck

44" high / 53" long
flasher light, use on any green, electrical

Revolving Dice Mini Golf Course Obstacle
Revolving Dice

Time shot dice, revolving electrical

Caboose Mini Golf Obstacle

Deluse-looks real, flasher light, electrical

Jack in the box obstacle for miniature golf course

Fits on any green or fairway, good looking

Cannon Minigolf Obstacle

26" high / 5' long
wide ramp, duffers delight!

Covered Bridge Miniature Golf Obstacle
Covered Bridge

double ramp shot, flashing light, electrical

Club Rack Mini Golf Course Obstacle
Club Rack

4' high / 32" wide
holds putters, balls, pencils, score cards

Kitty Hawk plane with revolving propeller and flashing lights
Kitty Hawk

7' wing span
revolving propeller, flashing lights, electrical

red ramp obstacle for mini golf course
Red Ramp

6' elevated ramp with hole in center for hole in one/drop off drop of ramp to be on the green

Clock Minigolf obstacle

putt thru base

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